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All issues will now be posted on our Official Page - OHiNeedTea in conjunction with our co-owner C-A-Harland. We've gained this account so that we may have thorough access in unison. We hope to see you all there Momentarily for Issue # 09.

With much love... :heart: 
As some of you are fully aware of, I've been away for quite sometime. Fortunately, I am officially back and have internet to back up my responsibilities on dA with my partner in crime C-A-Harland, and other strong focal points who have helped me get to where I am today. Thank all of you for being patient and your loving support. TheDailyBread, reaching as many supporters as possible. We will resume all activities and issues on October 12th, 2014. I know during my absence, I promised a jump in issues, but because of the internet issue I had while away, I wasn't able to fulfill that promise. And so details of what our celebratory victory in gaining so much :points: in a brief amount of time and catching up with a good amount of late issues will all be addressed in the next mag of TheDailyBreadCafe.

As for other activities regarding my personal blog, that is to be announced. 

Thank you again,

Your loving friend & supporter... AlphaManifest 
I've returned :heart:, and I missed you all!

No internet for the pass three weeks, but I lived (somehow). Lol, I wonder how all of you are doing. Hope to hear from you guys soon. Hopefully I will be caught up to speed. Talk to you guys soon.

Hello my beautiful people.

I want to thank my watchers, volunteers, and all of our wonderful supporters for both TheDailyBreadCafe and my blog/advice column. Very soon, I'll be going on a hiatus from August 23 - September 23rd.

I'm going on vacation for two weeks and then there's a lot of running up and down I'm going to be doing because I'm moving to a completely new atmosphere and I need time to get myself accommodated. So, that means getting out a bit more and taking some time away from the internet. However, this does not mean that The Cafe will suffer in any way, shape, or form.

So, to make up for lost time, I'm going to post 9 Issues of the Daily Bread on August 31st and 4 Special Issues when I return. Which will most likely include a lot of pictures and some interesting news for the developing of The Daily Bread. Anywho, here's a few little shoutouts before I go :heart:


Hmm... this gives me a good idea (laughs evilly)

DeviantART Compliments #127shep4life is the loveliest person. Jamey, you always leave thoughtful comments, draw attention to parts you like, and are one of the friendliest people on here. You're great, Jamey :glomp:
YOUR ART IS LITERALLY THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER. I WISH I COULD DRAW LIKE YOU I ALWAYS SEE YOU ON YOUR FRIENDS PAGES (sorry not stalking I just watch them too ;u; ) AND YOU'RE WAY TOO MODEST YOU'RE BETTER THEN ALL OF THEM. Like- you should post way way more ;w; I'd rather see just one of your sketches or anything then what you comment on and call cute bc it's so amaze please!
You're one of the sweetest and most adorable person I've ever met. I'm thankful I met you, because I've never felt this close to someone before, and nobody has ever gotten this close to me. I do deeply care about you. Your art is beautiful, and I know you put effort into it. Just keep getting better~
Thank you for sending such a sweet compliment, I literally blushed when I
DeviantART Compliments #126iloveslushiez My dear Waifu x3 I just want to tell you that your art brings a smile on my face and not only your art, but YOU yourself make my day shine! I am the happiest person on earth to know someone like you and I want to thank you for everything! You are an amazing person! You told me that you learned how to draw by yourself and that is the most amazing thing! My respect for you has no limits as well as my love towards you <3
Ria-Sora27 Lil' sis~! Your art is one of the most beautiful things on DA! Your kindness is something I love in you and I am proud to know you can call me a "Friend"! I truly love you like my real sister and I will probably never be able to tell you how amazing you are! Thank you for everything, Lil' sis~!
Ilinkusa01 Ilish - chan~! <3 Sweetheart, I can see how important art is to you and how well you can draw for your age! Your drawings are full of happiness and playfulness that brings a shining smile to my face! You are a friend I will a

d'awwwwwwww. I Love You Emote thank you for the wonderful compliment.
it really brings me joy to know that i've influenced such positivity :lovely: . i appreciate you spotlighting me!

A lovely feature & Wonderful jewellery maker

I Do Jewellery Now!Here's a taster of the kind of thing I'll be spamming you with fairly soon:
Here's the reason why. I'd include the content of that post in this journal, but dA seems finnicky about formatting when too many images are involved so if you want to find out more, follow the link! :-) It's good news. Very good news.
I'm afraid this is also what's kept me from dealing with the hundred or so FFM-related messages in my inbox, but I'll get back to answering those soon. I'll probably be juggling it with the new, interactive Dungeon Lord story and a couple of other projects, though.
Also, I've just noticed that The Crown of Steel has been featured by TheDailyBreadCafe!

As great as it is to have my work featured, it's even better to see a new group that's all about sharing the good stuff on this site. They've also got a staggering range of prompts an

I love deviantART! Thank you for the shout out on TheDailyBreadCafe. Unfortunately we are not a group as of yet.
We're simply a team of people trying to give support to our fellow deviants. However, a group is in the making, so stay tuned.

LadyLincoln Features Alpha, Once Again!


You are absolutely sweet. Emote Cuddle Love For not only featuring me once, but twice!
Thank you so much, and I hope you continue to have a beautiful time on dA!

Such a wondrous Friend. 

The Daily Bread CafeThe lovely :iconAlphaManifest: along with other deviant users whom I can't recall now have started a newsletter called The Daily Bread Cafe.
Here's the latest issue:

and its page:
i hope you guys will check it out. A lot of love has gone into its creation. :)

Thank you so much sweetie! :backhug: I appreciate your support for me & the cafe.

Inspiration & Friendship!

Hideout of the Daleks | Issue I | Being ProductiveHello my fellow peeps!
This is Chell with a new..
er, whaddya call these?
Anyways, AlphaManifest is doing her own advice column,
which I got the idea for this from, so go check out dat awesome series of hers.
In the future, I will post videos of myself talking about these subjects too,
so you won't just be seeing text.
You'll be hearing my voice, mwahaha.
You've just entered the hideout of the Daleks, where we talk about anything & everything.
Just be aware that some subjects MAY or MAY NOT be sensitive or whatever the fuck you call it.
If the topic is considered within that classification, then I'll warn you about it.
Anyways, as the title states, this article is kinda about being productive.
I was gonna do that when summer vacation started, but then I learned about a little beauty called 'Netflix'.
OH, & don't forget Youtube.
But now that school's coming back around-
Well, we all kinda have

Girl, I am so proud of you. My wonderful friend has created a blog issue from inspiration of my blog/advice column.
I'm not sure what days she post her articles, but you should give her a good read.

I'm sure she has some wonderful advice to give you all and/or some interesting opinions about a variety of topics.
She also has a personal radio which she uploads on dA with a wide variety of music. I'm sure you'll find something you like!

You can find the first two issues below...

I love play with fire 

Chell's Radio | IOn Youtube, I made a private playlist for myself that had a ton of awesome songs that would just play through, & I'm still currently adding music to it. But since I've built up this playlist (which is currently 3 hours & 50 minutes long), I thought that it would be awesome if I could share it with you guys :D
So everyday, I'm going to post a journal like this containing three songs from meh playlist. Enjoy!  =^.^=
I enjoy this remix because of its dancy, smooth feel. It isn't dubstep, & it doesn't have a badass drop, but it's refreshing. Well, to me, at least.
This remix is based off of the second (I think) verse of National Anthem. It's kinda dubstep-y.. so yeah.
Again, kinda dubstep-y, but it's awesome to dance to.
Anyways, tell me if you like this idea, & gimme some music suggestions if you'd like! 

-Your Beloved Chell
Chell's Radio | III am back with three more songs for you! Enjoy c:
The song is killer. Just badass!
Personally, I find this better than the original. PARTY ALL NIGHT, BITCHES~!
Still keeps the original instrumental, but adds in the beauty of electronic music.
Anyways, tell me if you like this idea, & gimme some music suggestions if you'd like! 

-Your Beloved Chell

Here are some sample videos from her playlist to give you a taste.
I think she has some wicked tunes!

And of course, I'm extremely proud of you!

Imperator - Chapter 1: ShiftThey call me Valen.
That wasn’t my name always, I used to be someone else, I used to be something else. But that is my past, I try not to remember it, though of course I can never truly forget. I have pushed those memories to the back of my mind, behind dusty shelves, in dark corners. Those muddy memories that were once the best I had, now too painful to look at.
My new name is everything now.
Valen is both who and what I am.
Part 1
*  *  *
Chapter 1: Shift
The scent of deer was strong in my nostrils. I slunk forward, belly scraping the damp earth, towards the source of the smell. I could hear them now, their small hooves pressing into the ground, the snap of a frond as a fern was crushed and the lap of tongues against water. I inched closer, carefully.
When they were in sight I paused again, hoping my dark gray fur would be enough to hide me from them. One of the deer twitched an ear, raising her head slightly, I pressed myself deeper into the earth and her wary g

Valentina by C-A-HarlandGeneral Valen by C-A-HarlandDonovan Ursus by C-A-HarlandFerra by C-A-HarlandShia by C-A-HarlandDiana by C-A-HarlandGemini by C-A-Harland
Felicity Mink by C-A-Harland
Red by C-A-HarlandLeo Nemaeus by C-A-Harland
Venatio Forms by C-A-Harland

One of my good friends C-A-Harland has created a Book Website for her various works in literature. It's quite incredible how far she's come, especially with her journey on deviantart. I promised her a bit ago that I would showcase her work, but I wanted to do something small before I go, so here I am. Lol! I wish you all the best in your adventure. I hope this project develops into everything you  dream it could be. I'm sure it will be incredible m'dear. Squish Hug 2 -  The Eye Poke 

A Few Words...

If there's anything you need from me or would like me to do, please inform me before the 25th.
It can include anything about TheDailyBread, to commenting, to questions, etc. Whatever you wish.
During the hiatus, I will come back every once in a while to see how everyone is doing and such. 

I'm going to miss you guys terribly :sad: *sniffles*. All of you have been so kind, warm, welcoming, and I couldn't ask for more supportive people. It feels weird wanting to go away for a bit, but it's something that's needed. Love you all!

Daily Bread Cafe | Issue 08

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 20, 2014, 9:35 PM

Volume 01 | ART
Get your daily dose of goodness.

The Daily Bread Cafe is a small attempt at building a helping branch to the ever growing community on dA. Not only is this publication created for you, but also to help spread the love to everyone on dA.

A Special Announcement

Thank You Hearts Sign 

TheDailyBreadCafe has reached 1500+ :points: in donations and over 100+ watchers in just two weeks!
We hope to keep gaining such incredible support and decided to do something very, very special.
To help us decide on how to celebrate, please vote on our poll by visiting AlphaManifest's homepage!

Today's Featured Deviants

:icontotocsierra::iconiambobbolie::iconart0fprincessm:          :iconone-eyedfeline::iconpeereo::iconmfu1986:
:iconxxtheblacksheepxx::iconblack-b-o-x::iconmintybutt:          :iconlighteh::iconstepandy::iconhauntedglitch:
:iconmagnastorm::iconthe-egg::iconma7r:          :iconzingruby::iconmiyokio::iconblood-contagion:

:iconcelestialbird::iconmakigaihime::iconporcelainbabie:          :iconsedruce::icontakiboshi::iconproxishdesigns:
:iconelvirazakharova::iconboringmu::iconartistickittn:          :icondot-doll::iconmusicture::iconhatsuu-aki:
:icondvnmyls::iconoctobre-rouge::iconmicha-vom-wald:          :icontelltheworldimalive::iconnicolas15c::iconinconcabille:

Featured Art of Encouragement

Trachelas by duggiehoo

Created by

Featured Deviations
Sketchbook Saturday #4 by TheArtOfSilentShoutNarcissus by TotoCsierraThat's Me by IAmBobbolieVengeance by Art0fprincessmi'm calling the doctor by One-eyedFelineAT : KonakoChan by PEEREOA Kurd by mfu1986Girl in kimono by xXTheBlackSheepXxSwimming in Colors - Wallpaper by Black-B-o-xDeer Woman Ref by MintyButtArt Contest Submission! Sometimes Villains Win by LightehKiss by StePandyStitches by HauntedGlitchRena by MagnaStormeggHDR1151 by The-EggSEVEN by MA7RHolding the light by zingrubyNamine Ritsu - Streaming Heart by miyokioI'm The Batman by Blood-ContagionS.P: Crystallized soul1 by CelestialBirdBig Sister Quinnamon by makigaihimeSoul Gem and Ring by PorcelainbabieGirl Meets Boy by SedruceGreatest Power 'LOVE' by TakiboshiAfro Samurai by ProxishDesignsI Lost by MusictureAn Afternoon's Adventure by dot-DOLLInto the Forest by artistickittnChemical Lady by boringmuFire Hair. by elvirazakharovaHave you got fire please ? by Nicolas15CWe Could Have Been Beautiful, Darling. by TellTheWorldImAliveTentacle hair with rabbit flowers by Micha-vom-WaldBibesia by octobre-rougeNature Soundz! by dvnmylsCandle In The Darkness  by LoneWolf1600Revenge of the Scrimshaw Skull by rawjawboneMy heart by SIR13Orb 002 by LazyBonesStudios

Daily Prompt | Daily Challenge

Prompt Question
What is your inspiration?

Prompt Challenge
We challenge you to send a  Emote Cuddle Love or Heart La  to five or more deviants above AND/OR comment on two or more deviations that are featured today! 

Make sure to tag AlphaManifest + C-A-Harland 
And state that The Daily Bread sent you with wonderful love!

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We're in the long process of making a group. For the time being, we're sticking with our daily article, along with our archive page - full of resources to get you up to date with the latest that's going around. 

Feel free to watch AlphaManifest | founder for updates, C-A-Harland | assistant manager for volunteer oppurtunities, and TheDailyBreadCafe | our donate page.

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